Chemjoy Selected as a “Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel” Enterprise

In January 2022, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology officially announced the list of the first batch of "Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel" small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing. Chemjoy qualified as a "Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel" enterprise on the basis of its capabilities for advanced technological development, strategic patent planning, systematic product development and its innovative prowess.


"Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel" Enterprise refers to small and medium-sized enterprises with specialization, refinement, innovation and novelty. "Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel" small and medium-sized enterprises are exemplary enterprises that have a strong focus on the strategic use of their innovative specialty as well as methodical management of human capital and resources.

This selection into the list of  "Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel" Enterprises is another key indicator of Chemjoy's professional ability for innovation as well as independent research in the industry. Additionally, this is also a true testament of Chemjoy's status as an entrepreneurial vanguard in the field of fine and specialised chemicals. This certification also serves as a reaffirmation of Chemjoy for many years of independent technological innovation and high-quality service provided to customers. On the other hand, it also puts forward higher standards and requirements for the development of Chemjoy's characteristic advantages in product research and development.

Being customer-centric and innovation-oriented is at the heart of Chemjoy's business model. Chemjoy will continue to increase R&D investment in the future in order to consolidate core technologies, optimize synthesis routes, and augment its organizational structure. We will also continue to cultivate our corporate culture in order to exceed the expectations of being a "Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel" Enterprise. It is the aspiration of everyone at Chemjoy to contribute to the advancement of the Ecological Civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era and promote the development of the green and clean chemical industry.

Post time: Jan-26-2022