• Chemjoy is 9 years old!

    Chemjoy is 9 years old!

    On March 17, 2024, Chemjoy celebrated its ninth anniversary with a reflection on its journey and a commitment to continuing innovation in the agrochemical industry. Founded in 2015, the company has always been a front-runner in the development of  innovative and sustainable solutions for farmers...
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  • Chemjoy at Shanghai CAC 2024

    Chemjoy at Shanghai CAC 2024

    The bustling city of Shanghai is once again playing host to the China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC), a pivotal event in the global agrochemical industry. As the 24th edition unfolds, agrochemical companies from around the world converge at the National Exhibit...
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  • Chemjoy Secures Patent for Innovative Glufosinate Analysis Method

    Chemjoy Secures Patent for Innovative Glufosinate Analysis Method

    Beijing, February 23rd, 2024 –  In a groundbreaking development, Chemjoy Co., Ltd. has been granted a patent for their novel method of analyzing glufosinate, a widely used herbicide. Glufosinate, (CAS No.: 51276-47-2) also known as 2-amino-4-[hydroxy(methyl)phosphoryl]butanoic acid, is a po...
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  • Agricultural Adjuvants Market Size Worth $6.4 Billion by 2031

    Allied Market Research published a report, titled, “Agricultural Adjuvants Market by Product Type (Activators, Spray Modifiers, Utility Modifiers), by Utilization Type (Tank-mix Adjuvants, In-can Adjuvants), by Application (Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Others): Global Opportunity A...
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  • ​Guideline for determining China pesticide registration types

    When preparing for pesticide product registration, the first step is to confirm the registration type. The registration type selection directly affects the necessary data items, dossier submission, and evaluation criteria. Choosing the wrong registration type will slow down the registration proce...
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  • China’s Pesticide Registration: A guide to application, approval process and timelines

    Navigating the application and approval process for pesticides can be a complex and time-sensitive endeavour. Understanding the procedures and timelines involved is crucial for companies aiming to bring their products to the Chinese market successfully. In this article will provide an overview of...
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  • Charcoal may guard specialty crops against herbicide drift

    By Aaron Viner   Dicamba drift has made headlines around its impact on corn and soybean crops in the Midwest, but it is impacting another key agriculture market — fruits and vegetables. Justin Keay, University of Missouri horticultural field specialist, wrote in a summer report that a survey...
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  • CHEMJOY Team Embrace Winter Wonderland at Changchun Ice and Snow World

    CHEMJOY Team Embrace Winter Wonderland at Changchun Ice and Snow World

    Changchun, Jilin, China – In a heartwarming escape from the daily grind, the Chemjoy team embarked on an unforgettable adventure at the Changchun Ice and Snow World after their annual year-end meeting. Nestled atop the picturesque Tian Ding Mountain, this world-class ice and snow theme park prov...
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  • CHEMJOY holds annual year-end meeting to conclude another year of innovation and achievement.

    CHEMJOY holds annual year-end meeting to conclude another year of innovation and achievement.

    On 28 January 2024, the Chemjoy team gathered at the conference room of the company’s plant located in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province for the annual year-end meeting. An overview of Chemjoy’s financial situation was given by the financial department first. The detailed numbers provided an excellent ...
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  • China approves 26 seed companies for GMO corn and soybeans

    China has issued licences to 26 domestic seed companies to produce, distribute and sell genetically modified corn and soybean seeds in certain provinces, paving the way for commercial planting of the GMO grains. The companies named in a notice from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on...
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  • China corn breeders ready for doubling of GMO planting in 2024 -sources

    Chinese corn breeders are preparing for the planting of more than double the amount of genetically modified corn next year than in 2023, three industry sources said, with Beijing expected to tightly control for a second year the rollout of GMOs. GMO corn will be allowed on around 10 million mu, o...
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  • China forecast to build US$1 billion GM crop market after landmark approval

    By Mandy Zuo Market watchers are anticipating a rapid expansion of China’s presence in genetically modified food, as authorities ramp up their efforts to clear up public doubts following the breakthrough approval of several varieties of genetically modified (GM) corn and soybeans. In less than a ...
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